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1. Astrolabe, Italian?, c. 1500? 2. Middle Gothic Astrolabe, French?, c. 1400? 3. Astrolabe, by `Abd al-A'imma, Persian, 1703/4 4. Hispano-Moorish Astrolabe, Spain?, c. 1260 5. Hispano-Moorish Astrolabe, Spain?, c.1260 6. Fake? Astrological Astrolabe 7. Drawing of full and half moon 8. Astrolabe, by `Adbi, Turkish, 1713/14 9. Instrument Blank for Dialling, Persian?, 19th Century? 10. Wooden Gnomon, Persian?, 19th Century? 11. Set Square, Persian?, 19th Century? 12. Astrolabe, by Ibrahim ibn Sa'id al-Sahli, Toledo, 1068 13. Print (Broadside) Advertisement for Astronomy Lecture Given... 14. Print, Advertisement for A Course of Astronomical Lectures,... 15. Pamphlet. The Observer's Atlas of the Heavens... by William... 16. Print (Engraving) Book II. Depicts trajectory of planets. 17. Print (Engraving) The Twenty-Eight Hindoo Lunar Mansions, Engraved... 18. Painting (Watercolour on Paper) of Donati's Comet, by Edward... 19. Photograph (Cyanotype) of a Still Life Arrangement of Items... 20. Photograph (Platinum Print) of Felipe Valle, by Reutlinger,... 21. Print (Engraving) of Johann Kepler, by C. Barth, 19th Century 22. Rossipher Mechanical Equinoctial Dial, English, 1731 23. Astrolabe, French, c. 1560? 24. Astrolabe, by Muhammad Muqim, Lahore, c. 1650 25. Islamic Lunar Calendar on Parchment, Turkey, 1795-6 AD