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1. Decorative Nocturnal, Late 19th Century, English? 2. Decorative Nocturnal, German, 19th Century 3. Photograph Album of Indian Astronomical Observatories and Instruments,... 4. Horary Quadrant, English, 17th Century 5. Astrolabe, by Ibrahim ibn Sa'id al-Sahli, Toledo, 1068 6. Modern Nocturnal with Pouch, by Startime Mfg. Co., New York,... 7. Nocturnal, German, c.1800 8. Nocturnal and Sundial, German, 1587 9. Astronomical Instrument, Spanish?, c. 1700? 10. Nocturnal and Sundial, Rome, 1578 11. Illustrative Leaves of the Astronomical Instruments made for... 12. Photograph (Cyanotype) of a Still Life Arrangement of Items... 13. Astrolabe, French, c. 1560? 14. Astrolabe, by Muhammad Muqim, Lahore, c. 1650 15. Nocturnal and Sundial, by Antonius Geminus, Rome, 1589 16. Nocturnal, by Michiel Coignet, Antwerp, 1598 17. Nocturnal and Vertical Disc Dial, French, c.1600 18. Peripole Nocturnal, French, 1671 19. Nocturnal, by Johan Backer Von Call, Nijmegen, 1647 20. Nocturnal and Sundial, German, 1612 21. Nocturnal and Sundial, French, c. 1600 22. Nocturnal and Regiomontanus-Type Dial, by Caspar Vopel, Cologne,... 23. Nocturnal and Regiomontanus-Type Dial, by Ulrich Schniep, Munich,... 24. Nocturnal, for both Bears, English, c. 1700 25. Islamic Lunar Calendar on Parchment, Turkey, 1795-6 AD