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4. Nine Photographs (Albumen Prints, Photomicrographs) of Various... 5. Scrapbook and Letterbook of Edward Heron-Allen, Relating Chiefly... 6. Photograph (Gelatine Print) of Edward Heron-Allen, by Kay Vaughan,... 7. MSS RMS 8. MSS RMS 1-26. Various manuscripts 9. MS RMS 1. Microscopical drawings by James George Tatem 10. MS RMS 2. Microscopical drawings by Philip Henry Gosse 11. MS RMS 3. Synopsis of Hudson and Gosse's Rotifera 12. MS RMS 4. Frederick William Mills on diatoms 13. MS RMS 5. H. M. Gwatkin's microscope slides 14. MS RMS 6. Microscopical papers of H. G. W. Aubrey 15. MS RMS 7. E. M. Nelson and A. C. Coles 16. MS RMS 8. E. M. Nelson on the microscope 17. MS RMS 9. Scrapbook of Edward Heron-Allen 18. MS RMS 10. Microscopical papers of F. R. Dixon Nuttall 19. MS RMS 11. Microscopical papers of F. R. Dixon Nuttall 20. MS RMS 12. Microscopical papers of David Laurence Bryce 21. MS RMS 13. Catalogue of microscope slides 22. MS RMS 14. Microscopical papers of David Laurence Bryce 23. MS RMS 15. Rotifera 24. MS RMS 16. Microscopical drawings by James Murray 25. MS RMS 17. Thomas Bolton on Rotates