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1. Nocturnal and Sundial, by Antonius Geminus, Rome, 1589 2. Nocturnal and Vertical Disc Dial, French, c.1600 3. Peripole Nocturnal, French, 1671 4. Nocturnal, by Johan Backer Von Call, Nijmegen, 1647 5. Nocturnal and Sundial, German, 1612 6. Nocturnal and Sundial, French, c. 1600 7. Nocturnal and Regiomontanus-Type Dial, by Caspar Vopel, Cologne,... 8. Nocturnal and Regiomontanus-Type Dial, by Ulrich Schniep, Munich,... 9. Set of Drawing Instruments, by Thomas Heath, London, c. 1740 10. Set of Drawing Instruments, by Claude Langlois, Paris, c. 1740 11. Diptych Dial, German, 1543 12. Equinoctial Dial, German, 1584 13. Triangulation Instrument and Sector, by Christoph Trechsler,... 14. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Thomas Heath, London, c. 1730 15. Mechanical Equinoctial Dial, by William Deane, London, c. 1725 16. Equinoctial Ring Dial with Quadrant, by Gilbert & Gilkerson,... 17. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Elias Allen, London, First Half of... 18. Equinoctial Sundial, by Domenicus Lusverg, Rome, c. 1710 19. Astronomical Ring, German, c. 1700 20. Horizontal String-Gnomon Dial with Moondial, German, c.1700 21. Horizontal Dial, German, 1722 22. Horizontal Dial with Adjustable Gnomon and Gimballed Mount,... 23. Napier's Rods, Cylindrical Form, English, c. 1679 24. Chinese Geomantic Compass, China, 19th Century 25. Geometric Curves, by Rev. Lewis Evans, English, c. 1816–17