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1. Horizontal Dial and Square, by Joachim Deuerlin, German, 1619 2. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Johann Willebrand, Augsburg, c. 1700 3. Ring-Dial, by W.S., English, 1765 4. Cylinder Dial in Renaissance Style, by Henri Michel, Brussels,... 5. Celestial Globe, Indo-Persian?, c. 1700? 6. Miniature Terrestrial Globe, French or Italian?, 18th Century 7. Celestial Globe, by 'Abd ar-Rahmân b. Burhân al-Mawsilî,... 8. Sandglass Clock, English, 18th Century 9. Celestial Globe, by Diya al-Din Muhammad, Lahore, 1663/4 10. Bloud-Type Magnetic Azimuth Dial, by Charles Bloud, Dieppe,... 11. Scaphe Dial and Surveyor's Compass, by Alexander Ravillius,... 12. Vertical Dial, by Erasmus Habermel, German, 1586 13. Astronomical Compendium, by Ulrich Schniep, Munich, 1563 14. Set of Dialling Instruments, by Haye, Paris, c. 1716 15. Pair of Compasses, by Christoph Trechsler, Dresden, 1604 16. Celestial Globe, Persian?, c. 1700? 17. Celestial Globe, Indo-Persian?, Modern? 18. Pocket Terrestrial Globe, by J. & W. Cary, London, 1791 19. Bloud-Type Magnetic Azimuth Dial, by Charles Bloud, Dieppe,... 20. Astronomical Ring Dial, by de Succa, Antwerp, 1600 21. Astronomical Ring Dial, by Arsenius, Louvain, 1567 22. Gunner's Compendium, by Ulrich Klieber, Augsburg, 1578 23. Sector, by Johann Ludwig Koch, Berlin, 1742 24. Plumb-Level, Islamic? 25. Mechanical Equinoctial Dial, German?, c. 1750