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1. Gyroscope, by J. B. Dancer, Manchester, c. 1860 with Case 2. Case for Lord Florey's Microscope 3. Portable Compound Microscope, by Powell & Lealand, London,... 4. Cuff-Type Microscope with Screw-Barrel Microscope and Accessories,... 5. Compound Microscope in Case, by Andrew Ross, London, c. 1835 6. Monocular Compound Microscope, Accessories and Case 7. Case Hood for Janvier Astronomical Clock 8. Six-Prism Spectroscope, by John Browning, London, c. 1880 9. Weight 10. Case for Veterinary Fleams, by Boyce, London, c. 1755 11. Case for Veterinary Fleams, Signed 'BAM', English, 12. Plane Table, by George Adams, London, 18th Century 13. 'Unique' Slide Rule, English, 20th Century 14. Parts of Difference Engine, by Charles Babbage, c. 1822-30 15. Case for Jeweller's Balance 16. Photograph (Modern Gelatine Print) of C.F.C. Beeson, September... 17. Miniature Altazimuth Instrument, with Case and Accessories... 18. Compound Microscope in Case with Accessories, by Carl Zeiss,... 19. Binocular Microscope in Case with Accessories, by Carl Zeiss,... 20. Compound Microscope with Accessories and Case, Possibly by... 21. Altazimuth Theodolite, by Benjamin Cole, London, c. 1750 22. HP-25 Pocket Electronic Calculator, by Hewlett Packard, Singapore,... 23. Winding key 24. Brass and Pewter Hydraulic Machine with Case and Accessories,... 25. Brass and Pewter Hydraulic Machine, Early 19th Century