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11. Large Rotary Converter, by Electric Construction Company, English,... 12. Large Main Morse Key, by Marconi Company, London, Early 20th... 13. Assorted Copper Busbars And Ebonite Insulators, Early 20th... 14. Tuning Indicator With Glass Lamp, by Marconi Company, London,... 15. Large Fixed-Gap Discharger With Case, by Marconi Company, London,... 16. Large Emergency Morse Key, by Marconi Company, London, Early... 17. Nova Brunsviga Mechanical Calculator, by Grimme Natalis & Co.,... 18. Tinsley Electrically Maintained Tuning Fork 19. Magnetic Detector with lid, by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph... 20. Pocket Microscope in Box, English?, Early 19th Century