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16. Balinese Calendar on Cloth with Mystical Figures17. Set of 63 Stereoscopic Photographs (Gelatine Prints) of Palestine...18. Set of 47 Stereoscopic Photographs (Gelatine Prints) of Middle...19. Set of 27 Stereoscopic Photographs (Gelatine Prints) of 'The...20. Photograph Album of Windmills, Compiled by H. M. J. Underhill,...21. Photograph Album of Elliott Brothers Instruments, Compiled...22. Photograph Album of Views of the Interior of the Elliott Brothers...23. Photograph Album of Holtzapffel Lathes and Accessories and...24. Published Album of Photographs (Albumen Prints) of 'Men and...25. Photograph Album of Kodak Snapshots, Including Four Printed...