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4. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide: the Constyellations Herculus{??}... 5. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide: Mars, by Newton, London, c.1870 6. Oil Painting on Canvas Board 7. {??} Photograph (Wood-Framed Lantern Slide, Slipping Type):... 8. {??} Photograph (Wood-Framed Lantern Slide): Andromeda Nebula,... 9. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide (Slipping Type with Crank): Grid... 10. Photograph (Wood-Framed Lantern Slide): Orion Nebula, Taken... 11. Three Photographs (Wood-Framed Lantern Slide, Panorama Format):... 12. Wood-Framed Mechanical Lantern Slide of Shooting Stars, by... 13. Wood-Framed Mechanical Lantern Slide of the Zodiac, Oxford{??},... 14. Wood-Framed Mechanical Lantern Slide of Zodiac Signs{??} and... 15. Wood-Framed Mechanical Lantern Slide: Motion of Comet, c.1880 16. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide (Slipping Type): Eclipse Demonstration,... 17. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide (Slipping Type): Shooting Stars,... 18. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide: Stars with Coloured Glass, c.1900 19. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide (Slipping Type): Aperture in Cardboard... 20. Wood-Framed Lantern Slide: Nebulae, by Carpenter & Westley,...