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1. Ross Rapid Symmetrical Doublet Camera Lens, by Ross, London,...2. Ross Rapid Symmetrical Camera Doublet Lens, by Ross, London,...3. Surveyor's Sextant, by Troughton & Simms, London, c. 18304. Wooden Diptych Dial, by Johann Paul Stokert, German, 18th Century5. Equinoctial Dial, French?, Late 18th Century6. I. K. Brunel's Surveying Sextant, by Troughton & Simms, London,...7. Inclining Analemmatic Dial with Case, by Johann Engelbrecht,...8. Astrolabe Case, German, 17th Century9. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by J. H. Weyerman, Ronsdorf, 174710. Astronomical Ring Dial, by Joh. Andreas Pfeiffer, Coburg, c....11. Astronomical Ring, German, c. 170012. Calculating Rods, English, 17th Century13. 'Magnum' Circular Slide Rule, by Fowler & Co., Manchester,...14. Slide Rule, English?, 173715. Bar Magnet, English, Mid-18th Century16. Laminated Bar Magnet, English, Mid-18th Century17. Lodestone, English?, Early 18th Century18. Simple Theodolite and Surveyor's Cross, by Lud. Sem., Italian,...19. Lodestone Known as 'The Countess of Westmorland's Magnet',...20. Case for Veterinary Fleams, by Boyce, London, c. 175521. Case for Veterinary Fleams, Signed 'BAM', English,22. Napier Compass and Rule Set, by William Elliott, London, 1830s...23. Set of Offset Drawing Scales, by William Elliott, London, 1830s...24. Read-type Medical Frictional Generator, English, c. 177025. Medical Electrostatic Machine, by George Adams, London, 1786