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14. Screwbarrel Microscope, by Sterrop, London, c. 1735 15. English Terrestrial Telescope, by Dollond, London, c. 1750 16. English Galilean Telescope, by Dollond & Son, London, c. 1760 17. Opera Glasses, by Jones, London, ?c.1800 18. Monocular Opera Glass, by J. Gilbert, London, Mid 18th Century 19. Monocular Opera Glass, by Watkins, London, 18th Century 20. Monocular Opera Glass, by Dollond, London, c.1800 21. Simple Microscope, probably by Francis Watkins, English, c.... 22. Simple Microscope, by W. & S. Jones, London, Early 19th Century 23. Simple Microscope, by Francis Watkins, London, c. 1760 24. Dissecting Microscope, by Henry Raines Shuttleworth, London,... 25. Compound Microscope, Case and Accessories, English, c. 1780