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12. Compound Microscope, by Junker, 1791 13. Argus Arc Lamp for Microscopical Use, by W. Watson & Sons,... 14. Stage of Compound Microscope, German, Late 18th Century 15. Compound Microscope, German, Late 18th Century 16. Tripod Base, Stage and Mirror of Compound Microscope, by Watkins... 17. Body Tube and Objective of Compound Microscope, by Junker,... 18. Caldwell Automatic Microtome and Blade Case, by Cambridge Scientific... 19. Caldwell Automatic Microtome, by Cambridge Scientific Instrument... 20. Rotary Microtome, and Photograph, by Spencer Lens Co., Buffalo,... 21. Mirror for Nuremberg Solar Microscope 22. Outer Body Tube for Nuremberg Solar Microscope 23. Inner Tube of Solar Microscope, by George Adams, London, 18th... 24. Pillar for Compound Microscope, by Amici?, Florence?, c. 1850s 25. Compound Microscope, by E. Leitz, Wetzlar, German, 1885