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4. Trolley by H.G.J. Moseley, Manchester/Oxford, c.1913 5. Trolley Apparatus for Target Samples, by H.G.J. Moseley, Manchester/Oxford,... 6. Copper Tube Sealed with Goldbeater's Skin, by H.G.J. Moseley,... 7. Photographic Plate Holder, associated with H.G.J. Moseley?,... 8. Tin of Elements, associated with H.G.J. Moseley?, Manchester/Oxford,... 9. Pocket Premo Folding Plate Camera with Box, by Eastman Kodak,... 10. Collection of Apparatus and Chemical Samples associated with... 11. Mounted Potassium Ferrocyanide Crystal, associated with H.G.J.... 12. Lead Collimator Slit, by H.G.J. Moseley?, Manchester/Oxford... 13. Devarda's Alloy Envelope and Documents (Cu, Al, Zn), associated... 14. Main X-Ray Tube and Trolley Bobbin Tube, by H.G.J. Moseley,... 15. Thermometers and Spectra Glass Plates, by H.G.J. Moseley, Manchester/Oxford,... 16. Marconi H. J. Round Triode Valve, by Marconi Wireless Telegraph... 17. Spare Tube with Trolley Bobbin, by H.G.J. Moseley, Manchester/Oxford,... 18. Spare Tube Apparatus with Trolley Bobbin, by H.G.J. Moseley,... 19. Spare X-Ray Tubes, by H.G.J. Moseley?, Manchester/Oxford, c.1913 20. Unmounted Potassium Ferrocyanide Crystal, by H.G.J. Moseley,... 21. Unmounted Potassium Ferrocyanide Crystal, by H.G.J. Moseley,...