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11. Test Tube Containing Gold Derived from the Ignition of Strychnine,... 12. Vanity Kodak Camera in Blue Case, by Kodak, c.1930 13. Print (?Collotype) of the W. H. Perkin Jnr. Memorial Plaque,... 14. Walnut Wardrobe, c. 1930 15. Microscope Nosepiece with Objectives, by Carl Zeiss, Jena,... 16. Kodascope Model C 16 mm Cine Projector and Kit, by Kodak, c.1930 17. 'Model F' No 2 Brownie Camera, by Eastman Kodak, Harrow, c.... 18. Incandescent Lamp for Magic Lantern, English, c. 1930 19. Optician's Spherometer, British, 20th Century 20. Operation Drum, by John Bell & Croyden, London, c. 1930 21. Microscope Condenser with Electric Lamp and Case, by Reichert,... 22. Walnut Armchair, c. 1930 23. Brunsviga Mechanical Calculator, by Grimme Natalis & Co, Brunswick,... 24. Brown Cone Loudspeaker, by S. G. Brown Ltd., London, c. 1930 25. Walnut Side Table, c. 1930