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14. Set of Surgical Instruments, c. 1760 15. Clock Dial, by Richard Gilkes, Adderbury, English, c. 1760 16. Drum Microscope, by Benjamin Martin, London, c. 1760 17. Hand-held Refracting Telescope by Benjamin Martin, London,... 18. Cylinder Electrostatic Machine, by Edward Nairne, London, c.... 19. Simple Microscope Accessories in Case, probably by Watkins,... 20. English Galilean Telescope, by Dollond & Son, London, c. 1760 21. Case for English Galilean Telescope, by Dollond & Son, London,... 22. Two-Power Pocket Galilean Telescope with Case, by Ramsden,... 23. Simple Microscope, probably by Francis Watkins, English, c.... 24. Simple Microscope, by Francis Watkins, London, c. 1760