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Douglas Reflecting Protractor, by Cary?, London, 1839

preview image for Douglas Reflecting Protractor, by Cary?, London, 1839
Inventory Number: 44662
Object Type:
Persons: Cary
Date Created: 1839
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 1938-10
Brief Description: Brass, with vernier and scale plotted in yards. Unsigned but similar to inv. nos. 44594 and 82272. In presentation box covered in black leather and lined in red velvet, with small compartment for a silver drawing compass.
Primary Inscriptions: Silver plaque on lid: "Presented to Gentleman Cadet R. Madaganby the Court of Directors of the E.J. Co. at the public examination. 10 Decr. 1839 as a mark of their approbation of his attainments in Military Surveying while at the Military Seminary".
Provenance: Presented to Gentleman Cadet R. Madagan by the East India Company. Presented to museum in 1938 by (later General) R. Madagan's daughter, Lady Oman.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Brass; silver; in black-leather covered case

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