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Miner's Compass and Clinometer, by William Harris & Co, London, 1830s

Inventory Number: 95733
Object Type:
Persons: William Harris & Co.
Date Created: 1830s
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Brass dial and projecting pieces for the sights; silvered-brass compass rose and scale in four quadrants, with outer scale of 360°; brass lid to dial marked "Diff of Hypo & Base" and two scales: 50°-0°-50°, and 30°-0°-30°, with plumb bob missing; all in a mahogany case.
Primary Inscriptions: "Harris & Co./ Holborn London" [on compass rose]. "BY HIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT./WILLIAM HARRIS & Co./ Manufacturers of/ Optical, Mathematical & Philosophical/ INSTRUMENTS,/ 50, High Holborn corner of Brownlow Street,/ LONDON and at HAMBURGH".
Provenance: Lot 21 Conrad W. Cooke Sale, 1926
Collection Group:
Material(s): Brass and silvered-brass; mahogany case
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
125 mm

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