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Analemmatic Dial, devised by Bonnes, engraved by ?Craverse, French, ?Early 19th Century

Inventory Number: 45300
Object Type:
Persons: Craverse
Date Created: Early 19th century?
Place Created: France Europe
Subject Classification(s): Billmeir Collection By Collection  
Accession Number: 1957-84/237
Brief Description: Analemmatic dial for 43°36'. Rotating rectangular plate mounted on base with four adjustable screw feet. Gnomon of azimuth dial missing and plate at end of its slot snapped. The azimuth dial's declination scale is a diagonal scale 24-0-24, subdivided to twelths.
Primary Inscriptions: "Calculé et monté / Par Bonnes,", "Gravé Par / Craverse", "Dédié à Mr Briancon, Par l'auteur"
Provenance: From the collection of J. A. Billmeir.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Brass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
177 141 mm

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