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Blackboard Used by Albert Einstein, Oxford, May 16, 1931

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Inventory Number: 44725
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Persons: Albert Einstein (Writer)
Date Created: 1931
Accession Number: 1931-35
Brief Description: Blackboard used in the second of three Rhodes Memorial Lectures on 16 May 1931. The blackboard is neatly laid out and the measures of distance and time are written in German (eg L.J for Licht Jahre). Both features are explained by the report on the lecture in The Times (London) whose edition of 18 May 1931 stated that "Professor Einstein spoke in German and without notes. Two blackboards, plentifully sprinkled beforehand in the international language of mathematical symbol, served him for reference."
Provenance: Presented by Sir Francis Wylie in 1931.
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Material(s): Wood
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
82 112 cm


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