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Photograph (Gelatine Print) of Lewis Evans, by H. W. Salmon & Son, Winchester, 1929

Inventory Number: 16161
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Brief Description: Gelatine print mounted on grey card. Signed by the photographer. Portrait of Lewis Evans, head and shoulders, turned slightly left but looking front. He wears pince-nez spectacles. Black and white.
Lewis Evans (1853-1930) was the founder of the Museum of the History of Science in 1924, the basis of the foundation being his collection of sundials, astrolabes, and related early mathematical instruments.
Primary Inscriptions: Signed by the photographer on front of mount: 'H W Salmon Son | Winchester'. Inscribed on back: 'Dr Lewis Evans taken 1929'.
Provenance: Presumably given by Lewis Evans.
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Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
191 149 mm

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