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Stereoscopic Photograph (Daguerreotype) of a Young Woman at a Mirror, by Antoine Claudet, in a Leather Slip-Case, 1850s

Inventory Number: 79058
Object Type:
Persons: Antoine François Jean Claudet (Photographer)
Date Created:
Accession Number: 1944-1
Brief Description: Stereoscopic daguerreotype, enclosed in black tape, black ?painted mat with curved tops; photographer's printed label on back. A young woman with long hair looking at herself in a large mirror, standing three-quarter length; delicately tinted. The use of a mirror as a prop was a deliberate technical irony in daguerreotypes, because the silvered surface of the daguerreotype itself is essentially a mirror.
Contained in a black card and leather slip-case embossed with Claudet's name and the Royal Arms. Although stereoscopic daguerreotypes could not be packaged in the manner of ordinary daguerreotypes, because of the need to place them in a viewer, the slip-case nevertheless perpetuates the sense of the photograph as a precious, protected artefact. It also suggests that this is a private portrait rather than, as might be thought, a commercial or artistic posed study.
Primary Inscriptions: Gold embossed on slip-case: 'Mr.. CLAUDET [Royal Arms] 107, REGENT STREET'. Photographer's printed label on back of photograph, incorporating different form of Royal Arms: 'By Special Appointment Photographer | To Her Majesty. | Mr. Antoine Claudet, | 107, Regent Street, | (Quadrant, Near Vigo Street.)'.
Provenance: Purchased from R. S. Clay in 1944. Part of the Clay Collection.
Collection Group: Clay Collection
Material(s): Copper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
85 174 mm


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