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Stereoscopic Photograph (Daguerreotype) of a Still Life Arrangement Including a Parrot and a Tall Vase, by T. R. Williams, 1850s

Inventory Number: 67273
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Persons: T. R. Williams
Date Created:
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Stereoscopic daguerreotype of a still life ensemble including a stuffed parrot, a tall vase, and a carved ivory ball. The initials of the photographer T. R. Williams are incorporated into the arrangement, bottom left. It is the same objects and arrangement as 39084, but with slight differences in position, as was commonly the case with daguerreotype still lifes, each of which is taken separately. Williams is especially associated with this kind of still life ensemble (see 32512, and compare also 18382).
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Material(s): Copper


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