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Petrological Compound Microscope in Case, by Ross, London, c. 1875-1900

preview image for Petrological Compound Microscope in Case, by Ross, London, c. 1875-1900
Inventory Number: 54122
Object Type: microscope
Persons: Ross
Date Created: fourth quarter 19th century
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number: 1961-138/35
Brief Description: The instrument is blackened brass and stands on a flat tripod foot singed by the manufacturer. Two of the feet are hinged and can pivot towards each other when the microscope is stored. The limb stands on trunions with a tightening lever to hold it in position an arm with a rack and pinion supports the body and two mill-edged knobs operate the coarse focus. Fine focusing is achieved by a knob on at the top of the limb. The mechanical stage is circular and two screws adjust the position of the stage plate. A bar is set across the stage to support specimens. Below the stage is a dovetail groove with a pinion mechanism to take a condenser. A cylindrical post extends below this and holds a pivoting arm with a plano-concave mirror.
The accessories are a brass plate with live box, a condenser, five eyepieces, a nose piece, an objective, in a can, that fits the nosepiece and one objective that screws directly onto the body, and empty objective can, two conical compound condensers, a camera lucida, a Sorby parabolic top illuminator in a brass container and a Nicol polarimeter on a circular plate with a magnifying eyepiece to read the scale. The case is mahogany and has a fitted tin box with papers.
Primary Inscriptions: "ROSS, LONDON. 5216" . Objectives signed (1) " W. Ladd 11 Beak St. Regent St. W." (2) "2/3 R & J Beck 31 Cornhill London"
Provenance: Transfer from Dept of Geology & Mineralogy, Oxford University.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Blackened brass.
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
360 128 mm

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