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Astrolabe Quadrant, Profatius-Type, by 'Abdallah Ahmad b. 'Ali al-Andalusi, Morocco?, 1804

Inventory Number: 54673
Object Type: quadrant
Persons: 'Abdallah Ahmad b. 'Alî al-Andalusî (Maker)
Date Created: Dated 1219 A.H. = 1804 A.D.
Place Created: Morocco Africa
Subject Classification(s): Quadrants Astronomical Instruments Mathematical Instruments By Trade Location  
Accession Number: 1956-127
Brief Description: Profatius astrolabe-quadrant with sinecal quadrant on reverse. Two fixed pinhole sights mounted on an edge. Stone bob with line and bead.
Primary Inscriptions: "Made for the jurist and noble scribe Sayyid Muhammad, son of the holy and pious Sayyid Hajj 'Abd al-Salâm al-Salâwî [i.e. from Salé] in Rabat."
Provenance: Purchased.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Brass


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