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'Living Photograph' Flip Book, by Gies & Co., USA, c.1897

preview image for 'Living Photograph' Flip Book, by Gies & Co., USA, c.1897
Inventory Number: 19480
Object Type:
Place Created: North America
Accession Number:
Brief Description: A flip book containing 84 small photographic images. These images are animated by holding the book with one hand and rapidly flipping through its pages with the thumb of the other hand. The image sequence shows a man being struck by a younger man, the two men fighting, and a policeman arriving to hit the first man while the second man laughs.
Primary Inscriptions: “The Yankee Cop. Copyright-M.Kingsland-1897” “Gies & Co's”. - Living Photograph. - patent Applied for – Draw thumb over top edge and pictures will appear as it ALIVE – Pictures are taken by Special Photographic Machinery invented by us"
Provenance: Presented by E. Heron Allen F.R.S
Collection Group:
Material(s): paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
60 40 42 mm


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