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Optical Cabinet Containing Solar Microscope and Compound Microscope Parts and Accessories

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Inventory Number: 50324
Object Type: microscope
Place Created: England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Optical cabinet containing a solar microscope, compound microscope and accessories. The case (.1) contains a copper alloy solar microscope with Bonanni stage, rack and pinion focusing and a compound microscope on a copper alloy stand. The accessories for the solar microscope are a spring stage fitted with two lenses, a slider with six objective lenses and a dovetail slide with a sub stage condenser (.2). Other accessories include six objective lenses(.3); an ivory talc box (.4);, three Lieberkühn's, one of which sits in a Cuff Lieberkühn carrier (.5); a cone condenser (.6); a cruciform stage with a pinhole, a keyhole slot and two spring clips for glass phials (.7); a spring stage (.8); a live box (.9); a fishplate (.10); two threaded copper alloy collars (.11); copper alloy forceps (.12); stage forceps (.13); a bull's-eye lens on a copper alloy pin (.14); a concave mirror in a horseshoe mount (.15), four ivory sliders (.16), two low power lenses in copper alloy collars (.19) and two square glass slides (.20). In a compartment underneath the sliders there are three glass phials that sit inside one another, inside innermost phial is a wire with a coiled end for cleaning the phials, a cork and a small ivory cylinder (.17). The largest and second largest phials have cotton wool padding at their bases. The softwood case is covered in black fish skin and lined with green velvet and also contains the key (.18).
Primary Inscriptions:
Provenance: Purchased from Dr. Reginald S. Clay in 1944.
Collection Group: Clay Collection
Material(s): Brass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
130 130 mm

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