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Compound Microscope, Signed "CH/L", German, c. 1800-50

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Inventory Number: 39652
Object Type: microscope
Place Created: Germany Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number: 1970-101/part
Brief Description: The microscope's turned wooden base has a plane mirror in a tilting wooden mount at its centre. Three turned legs support the circular stage and body. At the base of the body, which is pasteboard covered with decorated paper, a spring pushes a wooden plate down onto the stage to hold specimens. The body has two draw tubes that push into it, all both of which are pasteboard covered with decorated paper. The eyepiece and nose are made of wood. There is an eye lens, a field lens and objective. The eyepiece has an external thread for a wooden dust cover.
Primary Inscriptions: Signed by branding under base "CH/L" (inside a heart frame).
Provenance: Lent by the Royal Microscopical Society in 1970 Presented to the Royal Microscopical Society by Charles Frederic Rousselet FRMS on the 25th of May 1910. It previously belonged to his great-uncle Charles Garnier (d. 1869).
Collection Group: Royal Microscopical Society Collection
Material(s): Wood
copper alloy
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
135 130 mm


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