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Print of Five Solar Eclipse Paths across North Western Europe, by Benjamin Martin, London, c. 1764?

Inventory Number: 22214
Object Type: print
Persons: Benjamin Martin (Publisher)
Date Created:
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Eclipses Astronomy Prints Collection  
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Copperplate engraving with a circular map in a border of latitude and longitude and crossed by the five shadow paths. Each path is hatched with parallel lines in its direction of travel.
Primary Inscriptions: Title bottom right: "THE PASSAGE of the / DARK SHADOW of the MOON / over ENGLAND & other parts of EUROPE; / in the Five Great / SOLAR ECLIPSES of this CENTURY: / viz. those of 1715, 1724, 1737, / 1748 and 1764." Imprint towards South West on the track of 22 April 1715: "Sold by B. Martin at his / Shop in Fleet Street London / where may be had in a / Hand Screen A Map of / the World upon the / Globular Projection." Advertisement bottom left: "The late M.R SENEX'S GLOBES of / 3, 9, 12 and 17 Inches Diameter; / also All other Instruments used in / PHILOSOPHY, DIALLING, SURVEYING, MECHANICS &c. / Sold by the Author, B. MARTIN, Fleetstreet." Cartouche in North Sea: "An Accurate MAP of 460 Miles round / LONDON, / shewing by concentric Circles the distance / of all Cities and Noted Towns in / GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND, / with their Bearings from that Metropolis: as also / from all places of Note within the same distance in / FRANCE, HOLLAND, FLANDERS, GERMANY &C. / By Eman Bowen Geog to His Majesty"
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