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Praxinoscope, by Emile Reynaud, France, c.1877

preview image for Praxinoscope, by Emile Reynaud, France, c.1877
Inventory Number: 78782
Object Type:
Persons: Emile Reynaud (Maker)
Date Created: c. 1877
Place Created: Paris France Europe
Accession Number: 1944-1/part
Brief Description: A Praxinoscope consisting of an empty cylinder which houses a strip of paper featuring a 12-frame sequence of images for animation. As the cylinder rotates, stationary mirrors in the centre reveal a ‘single image’ in motion. A candlestick with a lampshade should be placed on the top of the hub. Candlestick, lampshade and stand are missing.
Like so many of its competitors, the Praxinoscope had a fancy classical name. It was formed from the ancient Greek  "praxis", meaning "action", plus "scopein", meaning "to look at".
Primary Inscriptions: On printed sheet on top of mirrors the following text: “Le Praxinoscope. Breveté S.G.D.G. en France et à l'étranger. Le soir, placer sur le bougeoir, au centre, une bougie avec abat-jour. Fixer les extrémités du dessin contre la barrette qui fait sillie à l'intérieur de la couronne.” “ER déposé”.
Provenance: Purchased from Dr. Reginald S. Clay.
Collection Group: Clay Collection
Material(s): Metal
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
86 220 mm


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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/78782