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Tin of Miscellaneous Medical Instruments

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Inventory Number: 45433
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Brief Description: Tin containing a set of medical instruments. They are a smaller tin with a fitted lift-out base that holds a syringe, a metal tube with a lid containing two trocars and a needle, a trocar with an enlarged four-sided handle, a glass vial containing four needles, four empty glass vials of different sizes, four sealed glass vials labelled "Azoule brand minor sutures, horsehair" a pair of medical forceps, a needle holder and trocar in a long metal case with a screw-caps at one end, an A&H knife handle, two knife blades and an empty metal canister with no lid. The tin has a hinged lid and has reproductions of c.17th century paintings on the lid and on both sides and both ends. They depict family life, people reading, working and socialising, a man playing the lute and a man playing the violin. It has a cloth lining that lifts out.
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Material(s): Tin
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
197 115 92 mm

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