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Pocket Medicine Case, English?, c. 1860

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Inventory Number: 39238
Object Type: Object
Place Created: England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 1944-24
Brief Description: Physician's medicine case with phials and pill-boxes. (c.1860) Square maroon leather case with two flaps; semi-circle flaps has a loop of black cord attached, square flap has an interior pocket.

Interior pocket contains: four folded paper packets containing powders and a small unidentified ball. Packet 1: illegible label, contains white powder. Packet 2: "Sulphate of Quinine". Packet 3: "Tartar Emetic". Packet 4: "[illegible]  Rhubarb", contains brown powder.

Main cavity is divided in 5 compartments. Four of these contain glass vials with glass stoppers. Vial 1: "Laudanam", contains brown liquid. Vial 2: "Chloroform", appears empty except for residue. Vial 3: "Sal Volitile", contains yellow liquid. Vial 4: illegible label, open weave fabric wrapped around the top, contains brown liquid.

The fifth compartment holds six round, pink-sided boxes. These boxes are all labelled on the lids, however, the writing is abbreviated and largely indecipherable. Two of these boxes are empty, one contains 4 black balls of substance, one contains 3 light brown balls of substance, one contains two brown balls of substance and one contains two yellow balls of substance.    
Provenance: Associated with and presented by Mrs. W. D. Sturrock.
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Material(s): Leather
Samples/ Substances
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
85 80 45 mm


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