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Print (Broadside) Advertisement for Astronomy Lecture Given by Mr A.F. Rogers at the Masonic Hall, Bath, Printed by Wood and Co. Bath, 1824

Inventory Number: 14458
Object Type: print
Place Created: Bath England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Astronomy Prints Collection  
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Primary Inscriptions: The enlightened and Religious, or those who unite the exalted and congenial characters of Christian and Philosopher, are respectfully informed that on the EVENINGS of TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, & SATURDAY the 13th, 14th,15th and 17th days od April, 1824, AND EVERY SUCCESSIVE NIGHT DURING THE FOLLOWING WEEK, Mr. A.F. Rogers, F.S.A. (And Member of the London and Norwich Philosophical Societies,) WILL DELIVER A LECTURE on ASTRONOMY, In which he will answer and demonstratively refute the objections which Infidels have attempted to draw from that science against the authenticity of the SACRED WRITINGS. The various phenomena pertaining to the sublime Subject, will be familiarly explained and illustrated by A NEW TRANSPARENT ORRERY. WOOD and CO. Printers of the Bath and Cheltenham Gazette, BATH. Pen annotation to verso: Professor Rigaud with Mr Rogers's respectful Compliments.
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558 221 mm

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