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Print, Tableau de Cosmographie, Des Divers Systèmes de la Sphére, Printed by Basset, Paris, Early-Mid19th Century

Inventory Number: 14134
Object Type: print
Place Created: S.Jaques Paris France Europe
Subject Classification(s): Astronomy Prints Collection  
Accession Number:
Brief Description: 31 figures and associated text depicting the phases of the moon, telescopic views of the planets and sun, vicissitudes of the seasons, the Copernican, Tychonic and Ptolmaic Systems, Armillary Sphere, Solar and Lunar eclipses, lines of latitude and longitude. Hand-colouring.
Primary Inscriptions: Tableau de Cosmographie et des divers systèmes de la Sphére. Dressé par Quetin, Ingénieur Géographe. Paris chez Basset Ed'r M'd D'Estampes, Rue St Jacques. 64.
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Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
520 645 mm

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