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Picosecond Tape Measure, by KM Labs, Boulder, Colorado, USA, c.2010

preview image for Picosecond Tape Measure, by KM Labs, Boulder, Colorado, USA, c.2010
Inventory Number: 13432
Object Type:
Accession Number: 2012-9/1
Brief Description: Manufactured or supplied by KM Labs (Kapteyn-Murnane Labs), Boulder, Colorado, USA. White plastic case with red button; exactly 2 inches diameter. The tape reads in centimetres divided by millimetres one side, other side in tens and hundreds of picoseconds subdivided to an accuracy of 5 picoseconds; full length of tape 153 cm, 5100 ps. A light-picosecond is the distance light travels in a trillionth of a second, or 0.000000000001 seconds; 100 picoseconds equals 3 cm.

This object has the distinction of being the first 21st-century scientific instrument to be added to the Museum's collection.
Primary Inscriptions: 'Kapteyn-Murnane Labs | Ultrafast Instruments' 'KM' logo & 'www.kmlabs.com'.
Provenance: Transferred from the Ultrafast Physics Group, Oxford University, in 2012. Originally lent for display in the 'Time Machines' exhibition. Distributed as a promotional gift by Laser Lines Ltd., Banbury.
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Material(s): Plastic
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
13 50 mm

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