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Photograph (Albumen Print, Framed) of Oxford University Biological Club, by Hills & Saunders, Oxford, March 1898

Inventory Number: 12333
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Brief Description: Albumen print mounted on card, framed and glazed. Group portrait of Oxford University Biological Club in March 1898, consisting of: (standing, left to right) E. A. Minchin, P. Groom, J. Ritchie, W. B. Benham, G. C. Bourne, H. Balfour; (seated, rear centre) R. T. Gunther; (seated, front) A. H. Church, J. S. Haldane, W. Ramsden. Horizontal format. A manuscript label preserved from old backing paper and remounted on the back identifies the subjects.
Primary Inscriptions: Heading on mount in calligraphic writing: 'Biological Club. March 1898'. Printed photographer's name on mount below photograph: 'Hills & Saunders Oxford.'.
Provenance: Probably from R. T. Gunther's collection.
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Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
305 357 24 mm

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