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Frame Containing Six Photographs (Daguerreotypes, Photomicrographs) of Microscopical Specimens, by J. B. L. Foucault, 1844

Inventory Number: 11956
Object Type:
Persons: Jean Bernard Léon Foucault (Photographer)
Date Created: 1844
Accession Number: 2013-30
Brief Description: Six daguerreotypes mounted beneath a card mat in a plain wooden frame. The daguerreotypes show through six oblong apertures, but the images on them are circular. They were cleaned and the ensemble sealed to conservation backing board in 1984 by B. Howarth-Loomes.
Primary Inscriptions: Each daguerreotype signed and dated by scratching on the daguerreotype surface outside bottom right of circular image, in the form 'L. Foucault | June 1844'. Captioned on the front of the mount: '6 Micro-Daguereotypes Blood, Milk, Corpuscle, Cristals, &c.. | made by L. Foucault in the year 1844 | signature and date on the right | Presented to the Royal microscopical Society | by A. Nachet. F.R.M.S. Paris December 1905'.
Provenance: Presented by the Royal Microscopical Society. Formerly on loan from the Society to the Science Museum, London (their accession number 1989-1203); transferred to the Museum of the History of Science in 2005. Presented to the Royal Microscopical Society by A. Nachet in 1905.
Collection Group: Royal Microscopical Society Manuscripts
Material(s): Copper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
311 500 mm


Image with multimedia irn 54632