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Photograph Album and Scrapbook on Egypt, Compiled by Robert T. Gunther, 1905

preview image for Photograph Album and Scrapbook on Egypt, Compiled by Robert T. Gunther, 1905
Inventory Number: 11850
Object Type:
Persons: Robert Theodore Gunther
Date Created: 1905
Accession Number: 1985-89
Brief Description: Album bound in wine red half-leather and purple cloth. Flyleaf + 30 card leaves + flyleaf. Contains 144 prints and printed cuttings (halftones and collotypes, all photomechanically printed from photographs), 28 actual photographs (albumen prints, gelatine prints, and carbon prints), and 1 painting; together with 9 loose items. No spine; binding broken near end, back with some late pages almost detached.

Combined photograph album and scrapbook compiled by R. T. Gunther when he visited Egypt in 1905 (with the Oxford University eclipse expedition to Aswan, though the scientific aspects are not documented here). Contents are a mixture of photographs (mostly albumen and gelatine prints), photomechanically printed prints and postcards, photomechanical reproductions (illustrations cut from magazines, guide books, etc.), and a few other items. Subjects are mostly topographical or anthropological, including buildings and antiquities, native groups, and scenes of rural activity. There are commercially produced architectural and anthropological photographs, including several by the famous Cairo photographer Lekegian; and a striking studio portrait of a young black woman. A few photographs are by Gunther or his companions (including 2 showing Gunther himself). Most of the illustrations of Egyptian antiquities, pyramids, statues, and sarcophagi are photomechanical cuttings and postcards. Photographers or printers represented are: Bonfils; Verlag der Neuen Photogr. Gesellschaft A.-G.; S.I.P.; VED; G. Lekegian & Co., Cairo; Comptoir Philatélique d'Egypte, Alexandria; Lichtenstern & Harari, Cairo.

For fuller list of contents see narratives.
Provenance: Presented by Dr A. E. Gunther in 1985. Part of the personal archive of his father R. T. Gunther, founding Curator of the Museum.
Collection Group: Gunther Archive
Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
250 215 45 mm


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