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Geometric Models, by Bartholomew Bate, London, c. 1840

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Inventory Number: 38000
Object Type:
Persons: Bartholomew Bate
Date Created: c. 1840
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 1978-626
Brief Description: Models illustrate Euclid book XI. The six items ex-display are stored separately from the rest of the group.

45 geometric card models made by B. Bate to illustrate the 40 propositions of the eleventh book of Euclid, together with an explanatory letter dated 5th December 1892 from B. Bate to his nephew, John Staples-Browne, J.P.

(Accessions lot also included other papers: a handwritten specification and patent application, and accompanying drawing, dated 15 Sept 1825, relating to the invention of an improved form of folding eye glasses by Robert Bretell Bate; three printed leaflets explaining the use of Bate's Ready Reckoner', c.1820)
Primary Inscriptions:
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Material(s): Card
paper and thread


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