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Compound and Simple Microscope in Case with Accessories, by Banks, London, c. 1811-1820

Inventory Number: 10249
Object Type: microscope
Place Created: 441 Strand London England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number:
Brief Description: The instrument stands on a flat, folding tripod foot. The square sectioned limb is attached to the turned pillar by a compass joint. The square stage has a bracket to hold specimens and three pinholes for accessories. A condensing lens and plano-concave mirror are mounted on sliding sleeves on the limb below the stage. An arm is set in a rack and pinion on a swivelling mount at the top of the limb. The body screws to the arm and objectives screw beneath it. The case is mahogany. The accessories it holds are eight objectives, five Lieberkuhns, a cone condenser, a lens in a brass setting, stage forceps, a wet cell, an ivory disk, a fishplate, an accessory arm and a stage with three apertures.
Primary Inscriptions: "Banks inst maker to the Prince Regent, 441 Strand London." On the foot
Provenance: Presented to the RMS by Charles Lees Curties FRMS on the 16th of November
Collection Group: Royal Microscopical Society Collection
Material(s): Brass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
490 250 mm

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