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Compound Microscope with Accessories in Case, by Powell & Lealand

preview image for Compound Microscope with Accessories in Case, by Powell & Lealand
Inventory Number: 10243
Object Type: microscope
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number:
Brief Description: The instrument has a limb, carried on trunions on a tripod. Two double mill edged knobs on the rear of the rectangular limb extend a bar, with a dovetail cross section, supporting the optical components. A binocular or monocular body can be screwed onto an arm, inscribed with the maker's name. Objectives screw into a cylinder on the underside of the arm. A graduated screw on the arm moves the cylinder for fine focusing. The stage is mechanical and the stage plate has a sliding, sprung bracket to hold specimens. A mechanical mounting for a condenser is set on a plate that can be racked up and down below the stage. A sleeve on the cylindrical lower end of the limb holds the plano- concave mirror on an articulated arm. The instrument is stored in a mahogany case, which contains a box of accessories including a monocular body tube, a binocular body tube, eight objectives, four eyepieces, three substage assemblies with a choice of apertures, an achromatic condenser, four Nicol prisms and analysers, a compressor, a live box, two prisms in leather cases, a selenite disc changer, two camera lucidas, an opaque specimen holder in can, five collars, a stage slide holder, a Wenham's parabolic lens, a prism with rotatable aperture disc, a substage condenser, an arm for holding stage tools, an adjustic key, a draw tube extender and two metal discs.
Primary Inscriptions: .1: 'POWELL & LEALAND 170 Euston Road LONDON. 1875' .5: 'POWELL & LEALAND 1/12 Apochromatic Oil Immersion N.A.1.40 LONDON' '1/8 Powell & Lealand' 1/12 Powell & Lealand' '1/16 Powell & Lealand' '1/8 Immersion' '1/16 Immersion' '1/12 Immersion HAMBLIN OPTICIANS' .7: 'POWELL & LEALAND' .11: Prism: 'For Low Powers & Opaque Objects' Prism: 'Powell & Lealand No 82 PATENT' Case: 'High' .12: 'P| A 1/4' 'P |A 3/4' 'P | A 9/4' .14: Royal Micro. Society 122 .18: 'POWELL & LEALAND LONDON' .23: '5' '6'
Provenance: RMS Collection Presented to the RMS by Miss Whittell of Adelade, South Africa.
Collection Group: Royal Microscopical Society Collection
Material(s): copper alloy
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
340 180 270 mm

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