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Set of Microscope Slides, English, Late 19th Century

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Inventory Number: 82358
Object Type: Box or Tin
Place Created: England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Brown wood box containing four wood shelves, each with six slide places. Total of 27 glass slides spread amongst the shelves. Label inside box lid denotes maker. Lid and loose leaf sheet of paper list specimens that do not match slides found.
Primary Inscriptions: "Series B - 24 very rare Diatomaceae . . . Arthur G. Cole March 1887," on paper list pasted on lid. Printed trade label, "St.Domingo House, Oxford Gardens, Notting Hill, London. W.," and, "Late 62 St.Domingo Vale Everton Liverpool."
Provenance: May have belonged to E.M. Nelson
Collection Group:
Material(s): Wood and glass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
197 107 36 mm


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