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Marconi Wavemeter Type MC1, by Marconi Company, London, Early 20th Century

Inventory Number: 49948
Object Type:
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 2004-9/512
Brief Description: Marconi Wavemeter Type MC1, in large circular brass casing. With vernier scale (scale 0-100) & worm-wheel adjustment, valve-base and galvanometer. One of four electrodes on back is damaged, and one wheel missing at base.
Primary Inscriptions: "'MARCONI' / WAVEMETER / TYPE M.C.1. P.S. NO. 2208 B / INST. No. 370601 MARCONI'S WIRELESS / TELEGRAPH CO. LTD. / LONDON" printed on brass plaque on front. See Documents for other inscriptions.
Provenance: Presented by the Marconi Corporation.
Collection Group: Marconi Collection
Material(s): Brass


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