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Grasshopper Send-Receive Morse Key, by Marconi Company, English, c. 1899

Inventory Number: 79280
Object Type:
Place Created: England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 2004-9/396
Brief Description: 'Grasshopper' Send-Receiver Morse Key, with tapered ebonite hand-grip, ebonite back-arm, brass components including four terminals, on mahogany base. Long ebonite arm snapped clean through and separated. Used in 1899, the long ebonite arm fell into place when the key was not used for sending, thus connecting the aerial with the receiver (Denman, No. 12). This Morse key was used for early wireless experiments and on ships and shore stations. The 'Grasshopper' Send-Receiver Morse Key, known as such because of its distinctive shape, was initially developed by Marconi around 1896.
Primary Inscriptions: "69" etched on base, near hand-grip.
Provenance: Presented by the Marconi Corporation in 2004.
Collection Group: Marconi Collection
Material(s): Brass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
330 130 220 mm


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