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Medal Portugese Marconi Company, by Joao Da Silva, Portugal, 1951

Inventory Number: 14889
Object Type:
Persons: João da Silva (Maker (Signed by))
Date Created: Dated 1951
Place Created: Portugal Europe
Accession Number: 2004-9/175
Brief Description: Medal Portugese Marconi Company: bronze circular medal produced by the Portugese Marconi Company. Face shows portrait of Marconi in profile with his dates, 1874 - 1937 and is signed Joao da Silva. The reverse of the medal bears a design which has flying spirit like female figures in the 'ether', who are surrounded by the sea and a background of beam type aerial antennae, with the dates 1926 - 1951, and the words 'Compannia Portuguesa Radio Marconi'. Previously catalogued with other medals (Inv. Num.s 41328, 42576, 34099).
Primary Inscriptions: "GUGLIELMO MARCONI / 1874 1937 / JOAO DA SILVA / MCMLI" on obverse. "COMPANNIA PORTUGUSSA RADIO MARCONI / ESTASAO DE ALFRAGIDE / 1926 1951" on reverse.
Provenance: Presented by the Marconi Corporation.
Collection Group: Marconi Collection
Material(s): Bronze
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
90 mm


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