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Box of 36 Stereoscopic Photographs (Gelatine Prints) of East Africa, by Underwood & Underwood, New York, 1909

Inventory Number: 92546
Object Type:
Place Created: New York USA North America
Accession Number: 1973-22/4
Brief Description: Stereoscopic gelatine or carbon prints mounted on card, 36 cards, 3½ by 7 inches, printed text on back of some, others blank. Mostly ethnographic and hunting scenes, and native groups. Mostly dated 1909. The box is made to look like a two-volume book.
They include some excellent photographs with good stereoscopic effect. Among them are 'Our photographer and his party' (the photographer is presumably the one with the whip) and 'King Wambugoo and his sixteen wives'.
Primary Inscriptions: Titles on 'spine' of book-shaped box: 'The Underwood Travel Library - East Africa Studies | Volume I | Underwood & Underwood' and '... Volume II'.
Provenance: Presented by Professor Oliver R. Gurney in 1973.
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Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
89 179 mm


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