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Mechanical Equinoctial Dial, by Johann Willebrand, Augsburg, c. 1715

Inventory Number: 34585
Object Type:
Persons: Johann Willebrand (Maker (Signed by))
Date Created: 1703-1726
Place Created: Augsburg Germany Europe
Subject Classification(s): Lewis Evans Collection By Collection Sundials Mathematical Instruments By Trade Location  
Accession Number: 1924-0/part
Brief Description: Rectangular base plate with three screw adjustable feet; decorated meridian ring support with plumb bob; meridian ring adjustable for latitude, with hour ring and index with minute dial and geared pointer. Within meridian ring an ecliptic plane with alidade and calendar scale.
Primary Inscriptions: "Johann Willebrand, in Augspurg."
Provenance: Presented by Lewis Evans
Collection Group: Lewis Evans Collection
Material(s): Gilt and silvered brass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
164 134 mm


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