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Mechanical Equinoctial Dial, by Godfried Weis, German, c. 1700

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Inventory Number: 34513
Object Type:
Persons: Godfried Weis (Maker (Signed by))
Date Created: c. 1700
Place Created: Germany Europe
Subject Classification(s): Lewis Evans Collection By Collection Sundials Mathematical Instruments By Trade Location  
Accession Number: 1952-72
Brief Description: Shaped base with three feet (two levelling) and a fixed plumb level; hinged equinoctial plate with a folding strut placed in sliding latitude index on base; rotating index with geared minute dial surmounted by sighting alidade on declination scale. With original leather-covered wooden case and a typescript extract from a memorandum by Professor G. Callender (NMM), 6/11/1934 trying (and failing) to explain what the instrument does.
Primary Inscriptions: "Godfried Weis" engraved on equinoctial plate.
Provenance: Bequeathed by Miss M.C.G. Hugon, from the collection of her father, Charles Francois Hugon of Nozeroy, Franche Comte (1842-1886), late Professor of Classics at the Imperial Lycee, Moscow.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Gilt brass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
137 98 100 mm


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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/34513