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Compound and Simple Microscope with Accessories and Case, by Shuttleworth, London, c. 1775-1800

preview image for Compound and Simple Microscope with Accessories and Case, by Shuttleworth, London, c. 1775-1800
Inventory Number: 74970
Object Type: Object
Persons: Henry Raines Shuttleworth
Date Created: 1775-1800
Place Created: London United Kingdom (England) Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number: 1970-101/part
Brief Description: This copper alloy instrument has a pillar, with a triangular section, that stands on a compass joint on a flat, folding tripod foot. The cruciform stage has three pinholes, one of which is square, and a recessed stage hole. It is racked up and down on the pillar for coarse focusing. A screw below the stage moves it for fine focusing. A ring on two pins is set on the stage to hold specimens. The body screws into the end of an arm that slides into a pivoting bracket at the top of the stand. This gives the body aquatic movement. Objective lenses, or a rotating disc with six objectives, screw into the underside of the arm. A sliding sleeve below the stage holds a bracket for a condensing lens and a lower sleeve holds the Plano-concave mirror in a horseshoe mount. The accessories comprise an objective disc, an objective in a can, a Nicol prism analyser, a Nicol prism set in cork with a copper alloy housing, two objectives with domed dust covers and a third domed dust cover, three Lieberkuhn and a Lieberk├╝hn carrier on a square sectioned pin, a fishplate, a live box, a cone condenser, copper alloy forceps, stage forceps, a super stage bull's-eye lens on a copper alloy pin, a stage with three holes, a wet cell, an ivory talc box, three glass phials and a condenser lens that has detached from its bracket. The fitted case is mahogany.
Primary Inscriptions: "Shuttleworth London" on the base "King & Combs Bristol" on the objective can
Provenance: Lent by the Royal Microscopical Society in 1970 Presented to the Royal Microscopical Society by G L Hancock in May 1964
Collection Group: Royal Microscopical Society Collection
Material(s): Brass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
450 210 mm

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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/74970