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Photograph (Carbon Print) of Lewis Evans in Masonic Costume and Regalia, by William Coles, Watford, 1900s

Inventory Number: 28616
Object Type:
Persons: William Coles (Photographer)
Lewis Evans (Subject)
Date Created:
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Carbon print mounted on card within a folder. Signed on the mount by the photographer. Portrait of Lewis Evans, standing three-quarter length, turned to left and his head in almost perfect profile, his right hand touching a table. He is in full Masonic regalia, including apron, sash, and medals. He also wears pince-nez spectacles. The photograph is a fine carbon print in rich brown tones. Slight surface scuffs. Taken at about the same time and by the same photographer as 97214.
Lewis Evans (1853-1930) was the founder of the Museum of the History of Science in 1924, the basis of the foundation being his collection of sundials, astrolabes, and related early mathematical instruments. He was a high-ranking Freemason, his Times obituary stating: 'As a devoted Freemason, a member of the Lodge of Antiquity, he was well beloved, and as Provincial Grand Treasurer he was energetic in finding out as well as relieving cases of distress.'
Primary Inscriptions: Signed on front of mount: 'W. Coles | Watford'. Photographer's details blind-embossed on front of folder.
Provenance: Presumably given by Lewis Evans.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
204 142 mm

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