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Stereoscopic Camera, by David White Co., Milwaukee, c. 1950

Inventory Number: 63185
Object Type:
Place Created: Milwaukee Wisconsin USA North America
Accession Number: 1994-1
Brief Description: Twin-lens 35 mm stereo camera, with brushed aluminium and artificial leather finish, and plastic hinged lens cap; one lens marked with f stops, and the other with speeds. View and rangefinder at back at base of the body. There is a slot on the upper surface of the camera to fit a flash, and a female screw on the base to attach the camera to a tripod.
Primary Inscriptions: "Stereo Realist", and inside back of body, "DAVID WHITE COMPANY MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN U.S.A. PATENT APLIED FOR".
Provenance: Purchased 1993
Collection Group:
Material(s): Aluminium
Artificial leather
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
67 180 65 mm

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